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Beyond their impressive designs, the maps are massive, with lots of open space for exciting large-scale vehicle chases to unfold. Many smaller nooks and crannies found near bases also provide good stopping points to hide in ambush or battle away on foot. What stinks is that you won't have the opportunity to battle across the more stunning maps simply because they're not being played. All of this is complemented by wonderfully designed and often dynamic tracks that change as you race. You may make three laps around one track, but it won't always feel like the same track each time, because you might be forced onto a different route through the environment your second or third time around. You might spend most of your first lap on land while your second lap is much more water-based. Paths and shortcuts change, making it a bit harder to know an entire track by heart. The transformations are scripted--there aren't moments when you're changing the landscape at will--but they keep tracks feeling fresh longer. All levels are based on different games from Sega history, including a Nights level that's particularly good at capturing the look and feel of the game that inspired it. All the while there are blue pickups to grab that give you points and increase your multiplier. These may tempt you to make some bold moves, threading your way through a field of irregular spheres rather than taking a straighter, safer path. More tempting are the aforementioned speed-boosting pickups, since they are essential to prolonging your run. Green pickups give you the ability to jump and avoid obstacles or reach elevated caches of points, while the coveted pink pickup is your "get out of collision free" card. These items are important to grab, but doing so requires that you cover significant lateral ground. Though the patterned environments eventually loop if you travel far enough to one side, they are big enough that you can miss items and alternate paths by staying too straight. Besides ordering troops and hurling javelins, stones, bombs, explosive sheep, and other such projectiles at a rival's castle, you can activate as many as five unique spells over the course of a battle. These special abilities typically have a cooling period you must wait through before you can use the

Pentaho Report Designer displayed the total amount of space deleting these files would recapture. We clicked CleanUp, and Pentaho Report Designer deleted the files. It's as simple as that. Of course, Pentaho Report Designer really doesn't do anything Windows doesn't or can't do. What it does is combine several tedious functions into one or two quick clicks, based on the not illogical notion that, if it's easier to do, you'll probably do it more often, and your system will run more smoothly as a result. The program's interface is so clean and sparse that a trip to the Help file is inevitable. With only a few command icons along the top, users must learn how to dig into these to extract the expansive and overwhelming number of options within. Novice users may have a difficult time managing all the options. The first step to creating a screensaver is to understand that images, text, music, and art are all considered blocks. From the Block-creating command, users can insert any of the above in the order they want their saver to run. From there, users can open each and really dial in appearance, from size, transitions, speed, and screen location with a few button clicks. While altering these might be simply done, users unfamiliar with the terminology might find it difficult to customize and the default settings will be disappointing, so understanding is a must. The program's most interesting feature is a direct link from each image that allows you to edit the photo in the Paint program. While not necessary, it is a fun way to make your pictures more unique. The program's interface is basic, with buttons and drop-down menus at the top that allow access to the program's features. Things aren't particularly intuitive, and users who are new to torrent downloading will likely be confused. In fact, although the program's Web site states that users can search for torrents, we couldn't locate the search feature, leaving us on our own when it comes to finding torrents to download. Although the program has a Help menu, there's no actual Help file either within the program or online, which we found doubly frustrating given the program's unintuitive nature. Once we went to another Web site in search of torrents and found one we wanted to download, the program worked well enough, quickly opening the files and beginning the download. The program also makes it easy for users to turn existing files into torrents for sharing. The program is just fine for users who have used other torrent clients and are familiar with their features, but brand-new torrent users will likely find that Movie Torrent offers too little guidance. The program's interface is best described as cluttered, but manageable. Combining several small screens and a long string of command icons, users will want to look over the Help file before getting started. We were frustrated that simply scrolling our cursor over a specific icon didn't tell us either its title or what function the button provided. The only way to learn was to blindly click icons and experiment. But once the icons and tools were understood, the program began to loosen up and its benefits became apparent. Users can make standard editorial changes like adding shapes, text and utilizing paintbrush features to make broad changes to their image. But our favorite tool, the circular icons that brush soft color on the image, were perfect for touching up blemishes and shiny spots on portraits. The most exciting special feature was the program's Pentaho Report Designer Pentaho Report Designer tool, which allowed mass-produced changes for entire folders worth of pictures with only a few clicks. By providing a wide range of changes, we enjoyed editing our shots with this program. The program's interface is incredibly intuitive, since it breaks all actions down into the most basic form and leads users through the proc